We introduce children to sport through fun, friendly and pressure-free football activities. Football is the perfect game for developing young bodies for any type of sport and this is all done with a smile on their face and a ball at their feet.

We encourage all parents to join in the class to encourage their children and increase not only their enjoyment but yours too. Football is the worlds most popular sport probably because it is a sport anyone can play and keep playing their entire lives and any age.

Teach your child the game that could be a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Our programme supports a child’s overall physical development, as well as helping them develop intellectually.

All classes are run under the guidance of experienced and qualified coaches.

We encourage children to enjoy exercise with specialised activities coached by qualified and highly trained coaches.

Research shows participating in physical activity has an immediate positive impact on kids’ brains and school performance.

At Soccer Stars children get to socialise with other children their own age and mix with everyone.

As they play they learn to share, take turns and think outside the box while enjoying their activities.

Soccer Stars is more than helping your child learn and love football, it is about giving your child the best start to physical and social education.

At Soccer Stars we encourage parents to play an active role in our classes, this is not a necessity but it is encouraged.

Parental involvement will strengthen the emotional bond and also allow the parent to act as an individual coach.

Soccer Stars develops the essentials of football in a fun and friendly way.

Our classes are not competitive but are developmental.